Transform Your Students’ Relationships with Learning

Growing Educators

Growing Educators partnered with elementary schools in LA that ranked among the most measurable improved from 2015-2016

What kind of growth can I expect to see on my campus?

We are proud and so, so, so happy to report that principals, coaches, coordinators, educators, and parents have reported that within the very first cycle of professional study with Growing Educators (typically 3-5 sessions), they could see measurable evidence of increased student independence, engagement, volume of work. 

Which program gets the best results?

There is no magical framework, curriculum, pacing guide, or scope and sequence to help students learn!! If there was such a program, everyone would already be using it and you would not be reading this. Instead, we help educators like you deepen their knowledge of content, methods, data systems, and best practices so that you can make just-right decisions, use just-right resources, and plan how to use the most effective instructional approach at the just-right time. Yep, timing is everything!

Fortunately our approach is program neutral.  We do not prescribe to any program or handout any materials that promote one program over another. This means we can support your learning community to integrate any mandated curriculum that you have in place using a variety of effective research-based methods. Our philosophy and methodology helps and encourages educators to deepen their knowledge of academic content, to know their teaching standards, and most importantly to know their students.