We Create and Implement Staff Development


Our staff developers help to organize and facilitate data analysis meetings with grade level teams and stakeholders. We co-author protocols for administering formal and informal assessments. We also help teachers sort and analyze the information they have gathered to guide more effective instructional decision-making.


Our staff developers lead groups of teachers to study a particular unit of study, a method of teaching, a topic of interest or professional literature.


The “Lab” Experience: Our staff developers offer a unique learning structure for those of us who learn best through direct observation and modeling.  During these classroom lesson "labs" with students, we voice-over teaching decisions in real time around management, methods of teaching, language objectives, and content. This PD structure is an educator favorite and one of our signature practices!


Our staff developers frequently meet and collaborate with site administrators, coordinators, and coaches on their school-wide reform efforts.  We help to create a variety of useful tools that promote constructive feedback and self-reflection, sustainability plans, and accountability measures.


Get this...our staff developers can offer differentiated learning support for each educator.  We love working 1:1 with educators in their own classroom spaces and where they feel the most comfortable and open to new learning. Teachers identify the type of support they want and sign-up for a coaching slot that works best for them and their students.


Our staff developers design interactive presentations, using hands-on experiences and the most current research-based methods to deepen study and knowledge of a variety of educational topics.

We Customize a Strategic Plan to Address The Needs of Your Learning Community 



We provide three types of professional development structures. On a typical study day we'll spend 90-100 high-impact minutes working alongside grade level teams either in a classroom “lab” with students,  a planning meeting organized around a pre-determined area of study, or in a customized 1:1 coaching session. 


We offer both à la carte and multi-day PD sessions. After our initial check-in conversation to find out more about your goals and learning community, we'll custom design a plan that fits your budget. Just call or email us with your specific inquiry and we’ll follow-up within 48 hours with a detailed estimate for you and your team to consider.