June 16-19, 2020
June 23-26, 2020
July 21-24, 2020
July 28-31, 2020

The 9th Annual

Teaching of Nonfiction

Reading & Balanced Literacy

The 2nd Annual

Teaching of Math Using

a Workshop Approach

The 9th Annual

Teaching of

Information Writing

The 1st Annual

Teaching of Math Using

a Workshop Approach

Everyone Deserves A Team of Support

Educators are heroes! For more than a decade, Growing Educators has hand-crafted professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers, coordinators, administrators and parent communities to positively transform students’ experiences at school, We use a balanced approach to teaching and learning.

We believe in educators! Our specialty is to custom design professional development for K-12 educators in economically, culturally, and linguistically diverse learning communities. We support teachers with collecting, organizing, and analyzing student data to make curricular decisions based on student needs and the Common Core standards.

Educators matter! By using a more balanced approach to teaching and learning, educators learn to reclaim their voice in education, ignite engagement, cultivate collaboration, and elevate teaching and learning experiences for ALL students.

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